Pandora: a new way to listen music

Our friends Chris and Antonja showed us Pandora. It is the outcome of the Music Genome Project, which started with the turn of the century.

They have analyzed songs from more than ten thousand artists (and counting), and graded them according to different properties, such as melody, harmony and rhythm. Making their huge database available to the public, it enables the personalization of radio stations. For example, if you like Led Zeppelin (In this world, there are two kinds of people, those who like Led Zeppelin, and those who haven't heard them), you can easily create a "Led Zeppelin station". Unlike Radio Netscape, it doesn't play ONLY Led Zeppelin songs 24/7 (which is not bad...), but will randomly give you to listen songs from and similar to Led Zeppelin's, e.g. Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, etc...

This is great not only for listening music you like, but also to discover artists you never knew about...

Pandora has more functionalities I will let the interested reader discover by her/himself... (i.e. I'm lazy to write about them)


dace said…
Thank's for information!
That's intereesting indeed!
I am listening to Cat Stevens Radio now :)

But interestingly, what about copyrights in this radio?
Do they have copyrights for all music they give in this site?

Or is it not neccessary in this case? hmm
dace said…
ah, seems that there is an answer to my previous question

"Q: Why do you need to know my zip code?

At this time we are only licensed to offer Pandora music services to residents of the United States. Audio streaming regulations differ from country to country, and we are working on acquiring the proper licenses so we can legally offer Pandora outside of the United States. We require your zip code to confirm that you are a resident of the United States."
Carlos said…
dc: Glad to know you found this interesting.

I believe they pay licenses or fees (just like radio stations do) from the money they earn from publicity. And if you don't want publicity, you pay a small fee per month, so I guess that's enough to keep them going.
Tim Cabell said…
Expand your Pandora experience at


Tim (not founder).

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