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People Working Together

I designed this pattern for a T-shirt of the New England Complex Systems Institute . I took the NECSI logo, which represents five "people working together". Then I overlayed different sizes of it over patterns of a Penrose tiling, which is a tesselation with five-fold symmetry. In other words, it fills the space without repeating itself. Since the logo appears of different sizes, I see this pattern as "people working together at different scales". You can find a high resolution PDF here.

Fractal Tessellation

A couple of years ago, while living in Granada, I got inspired by the Moorish patterns at the Alhambra. Playing around with Inkscape , I came up with the idea of a SierpiƄski -style fractal that would be more interesting and also tileable. Only recently I put several tiles together, and I was amazed to see that there were more and more patterns emerging as tiles interacted... I can spend hours finding patterns in this image... I should get these tiles for my bathroom... You can find a high resolution PDF here.

Self-organizing traffic lights in Flanders

Francis sent me a link to an article from the newspaper De Morgen (in Dutch), where they mention a simulation of the Wetstraat (a main avenue in Brussels) where my student Seung Bae Cools implemented self-organizing traffic light controllers I developed. The news are that the Flemish parlament wants to approve the implementation of self-organizing traffic lights in busy intersections in Flanders. They hope to approve budget for a pilot study this year. Those are good news! You can find more details about this work in my PhD thesis . It seems that the media coverage had its effect.