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Limits of Moore's law

These thoughts emerged after speaking with Clément Vidal , from an ongoing discussion at the FRIAM mailing list, and are also related to the so called Singularity . Many people say that in a few decades computers will have the same computational power as the human brain, and then AI machines will take over. This argument is based on Moore's law , which states that the transistor density of semiconductor chips doubles roughly every 18 months, giving an exponential growth in computing power. Ignoring the fact that brains do different types of computations than PCs, these people argue that when we'll have the computational power to model all the neurons of a human brain (100 billion, with about 100 thousand connections each), computers will be smarter than humans. And since their capacity will keep on growing, soon we'll be left in the shadow of obsolence. Now, just imagine that you have all that computational power right now. Even more, let's say with the capacity of 10^

Facts on the Mexican elections fraud

I am translating these facts from the senderodelpeje blog , trying to spread the information internationally. I would ask anybody reading this to spread it as well, helping the ill Mexican democracy. All of these facts have been reported in the Mexican press. Felipe Calderón, presidential candidate of PAN, who is attempting to steal the election supported by the current government, certain businessmen, and certain media, was a honour witness at the wedding of Luis Carlos Ugalde, head of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), in charge of the elections One of the companies of Diego Zavala, brother-in-law of Calderón, porvided the software for the IFE, and gave "technical support" to the very suspicious preliminary results system (PREP) of the election This same company, gave illegal access to all the data of the Mexican voters to the PAN The PREP was plagued of inconsistencies favouring Calderón, such as this which erased 100 votes for López Obrador: The "final" coun

Atomium pictures

Here in Brussels they recently renovated the Atomium, a relic from the 1958 World Expo. It's quite nice, shinny and with lights at night... it seems I should take a tripod the next time... 

More on the Mexican Elections fraud

More dirt has come to the light in the last few days, giving more proofs of the huge fraud. The PRD, party of López Obrador, claimed a recount of 48,000 booths (of a total 130,000 in the country), because these had inconsistencies or irregularities in the "preliminary" results compared with the exit polls they made. The Federal Electoral Institute (which director was promoted by the leader of the national teacher's union, with her own party now, but clearly supporting the current government. btw, she was involved in the murder of a competing leader of the teacher's union), for the "final" count, did not change much of the preliminary results, and only checked 2000 booths, and opening only 800 electoral packages. They also included some votes that had "gone missing" in the preliminary results (which gave López Obrador a gain in more than 200,000 votes), so it seems that they fiddled with the votes of other districts to keep the advantage of Calderó

Mexican Presidential Election Fraud

Last Sunday, more than 40 million mexicans voted for president, both congresses, and in some states for governors. There was (once again) a fraud in the election, in favour of the current president's party, the right-wing (and sometimes extremist) PAN. Felipe Calderón was its presidential candidate. He was busy in the last months with a dirty campaign worth of Goebbels: "If you repeat a lie a million times, it will become a truth", against Andrés Manuel López Obrador, candidate of the center-left-wing party PRD, who headed the polls for several years now. Why was he ahead? Well, he did a great job as a mayor of Mexico City since 2000, basically not stealing money and working for the people. He vowed to do the same at a national level, changing the current technocratic economic model that has stagnated the country for 30 years and motivated massive immigration to the USA (about half a million per year). Actually, depending on the price of oil, the money sent by mexicans to