PhD thesis: first version finished!

After two busy months, I have the first complete version of my thesis (I need to thank Nadia for her great patience!). Now it will be reviewed by the members of my thesis comission, and in a couple of months I would give the private defense...
Let's hope that I'm not requested to change more than half of it!

Please feel free to send in any comments.

Design and Control of Self-organizing Systems

PhD Dissertation presented by

Carlos Gershenson

(to be defended in 2007)


Complex systems are difficult to design and control. There are several particular methods for coping with complexity, but there is no general methodology. In this thesis I propose such a methodology. This is based on the description of the system as self-organizing. The methodology proposes a series of steps to follow to find proper mechanisms that will promote elements to find solutions by actively interacting among themselves.

A general introduction to complex thinking is given, since designing self-organizing systems requires a non-classical thought, while practical notions of complexity and self-organization are put forward. To illustrate the methodology, I use as case studies self-organizing traffic lights, self-organizing bureaucracies, and self-organizing artifacts in an ambient intelligence scenario, along with other possible areas of application.

Please feel free to check the latest snapshot of my thesis (pdf). Any comment/suggestion/feedback would be more than welcome.


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