Do you need a tech update???

You need a technological update if...
  • you still connect to the Internet with gopher
  • your mobile phone weights more than 200 grams, or you can't receive SMS
  • you still use pine to check your e-mail and lynx to surf the web
  • you still use floppy disks
  • you still use vi to edit your code
  • your monitor is monochromatic or CGI
  • you don't use Google to search the web
  • still have a hotmail account instead of a gmail account
  • burning a CD takes you more than twenty minutes
  • you still use Wordstar
  • you still listen to tapes in your walkman
  • you have never heard of Linux
  • you prefer documents in ps over pdf
  • your camera is not digital
  • your are proud of your laserdisc collection
  • you or your children play with Intellivision or Atari 2600
  • your company still praises COBOL
  • you don't know what a blog is...


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