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New Draft: What Does Artificial Life Tell Us About Death?

I just uploaded to the arXiv a first draft of a short essay " What Does Artificial Life Tell Us About Death ?", you can download it at:

Why Do Developing Countries Not Develop

After several years living abroad (St. Petersburg, Sussex, Brussels, Granada, Boston), it takes a bit of time to get used to life back in Mexico City. Having some frame of comparison, I realized one way to describe the problem with developing countries such as Mexico: there is a high degree of incompetence . Now, it is difficult to measure incompetence (In TeraBushes?), but to understand better what I mean, let us say that an agent (person, business, organization) is more incompetent if there are more tasks that the agent should perform successfully and it does not. I mean, I am quite incompetent in bureaucratic monotonous tedious labours, but these are not my duty (which some people refer to as "professional handwaving", others as "academia"). All countries and all agents have a certain degree of incompetence: nobody is perfect, there will always be errors, especially with novel tasks. Also, all countries and agents have a large degree of functionality, things tha

Tentative Research Projects

I made a list of potential research projects I would like to explore with colleagues and/or students. You can find it here .

New Paper: Enfrentando a la Complejidad: Predecir vs. Adaptar

Resumen : Una de las presuposiciones de la ciencia desde los tiempos de Galileo, Newton y Laplace ha sido la previsibilidad del mundo. Esta idea ha influido en los modelos cientificos y tecnologicos. Sin embargo, en las ultimas decadas, el caos y la complejidad han mostrado que no todos los fenomenos son previsibles, aun siendo estos deterministas. Si el espacio de un problema es previsible, podemos en teoria encontrar una solucion por optimizacion. No obstante, si el espacio de un problema no es previsible, o cambia mas rapido de lo que podemos optimizarlo, la optimizacion probablemente nos dara una solucion obsoleta. Esto sucede con frecuencia cuando la solucion inmediata afecta el espacio del problema mismo. Una alternativa se encuentra en la adaptacion. Si dotamos a un sistema de esta propiedad, este mismo podra encontrar nuevas soluciones para situaciones no previstas. Abstract : One of the assumptions of science since the times of Galileo, Newton, and Laplace has been the predict