A new Republic in Mexico

Yesterday, November 20th, 96th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, Andrés Manuel López Obrador took protest as the legitimate president of Mexico. Since the circles of power have corrupted the national institutions and the media, culminating with the presidential elections fraud last July 2nd, more than a million Mexicans, of which several were representing many others, gathered last September at a National Democratic Convention, and elected López Obrador as the legitimate president (well, he had won already, but since the electoral institutions and tribunals were corrupted, they gave the victory to the puppet Felipe Calderón, who will attempt to take possesion of a spurious presidency on December 1st).

The new legitimate government will be defending the rights of the majority of Mexicans, living in poverty and "forgotten" by the people in power (they have not forgotten, they are just being unmercifully exploited). For example, the President proposes to the Congress the budget for the next year. López Obrador will present an alternative budget, promoted by the congressmen from the parties that support him, redistributing expenses in the areas that require the most, such as education, healthcare, pensions, etc.; and reducing the high salaries of politicians in the federal government (As a major of Mexico City, López Obrador did this for the buraucrats of the City, using the saved money to develop the City in spite of the cuts to the city's budget by the federal government). Other modifications to the Constitution will be suggested to the Congress, trying to bound the privileges of those in power and to develop basic human rights for the majority. López Obrador will also be travelling to all of the 2500 municipalities in the country, forming a grassroots organization to defend the interests of the nation. Certainly, abroad he is not popular, since the government of Calderón would be gladly giving juicy concessions to foreign companies in areas prohibited by the Constitution, such as oil. Whenever the spurious government will attempt to do something against the interests of the nation, this will be already organized and able to mobilize, forcing the spurious government to listen to the people.

The new legitimate government will be using the Republican eagle as its symbol, used by president Benito Juarez. Its goal will be to create a new Republic, restoring our country from the current state of corruption and inequality.

The national and international media do not mention all these details in their reports, so most people do not know what is going on in Mexico, even when it is a historical point. There is a huge pacific movement spreading through the country, fighting for their rights in an organized way that, at least to my knowledge, has had no precedent in any other country. What we can do to support the movement for a new Repulbic in Mexico is to spread the word. So please forward this post to anybody who might be interested.


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