New aphorisms

*“If we could achieve all that we wanted, there would not be anything left to enjoy”

*“It's much easier to take a woman into your bed than into your life”

*“Winning or losing does not matter as much as what you learn from it”

“For most things, you need to give in more than what you get out. (2nd law of homodynamics?)”

*“Do not suffer for what you lack,
enjoy what you have”

“Those who have less usually give more”

“If you care too much about your goals, you will never reach them.”

“Using time for yourself does not mean losing it” -Nadia

“(...) our brains are only minuscule fragments of the universe, much too small to hold all the facts of the world but not too idle to speculate about them” -Valentino Braitenberg, Vehicles, p. 1.

More Aphorisms here.


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