Internet slowdown

I don't know about you, but we've had in Belgium some serious Internet slowdowns for a few weeks already. Sites such as digg, Gmail and blogger have been periodically timing out.

They seem correlated with an excessive increase in SPAM I'm receiving... about 100 a day. Spammers have evolved in such a way to generate automatically different messages with different words (so that they will be difficult to detect by text based filters), from randomly generated addresses (so that they cannot be tracked or blocked), and which have randomly generated links to sites that are simple redirectors to porn portals... Changing randomly the characteristics of these messages make it difficult for anti-spam technologies to categorize them as spam... Well, even if they do, their massive propagation through the Web slows down everybody! What could be done to stop such foul behaviour??? Moreover, which solution would not be only temporal, since spammers are constantly evolving their techniques... (e.g. about a year ago there was a wave of sending images with text to bypass text filtering...)

Or maybe everybody is running their FasterFox turbo charged???


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