Why so many Mexicans want the president to resign?

I do not think that the resignation of our president Enrique Peña Nieto would be positive in the short term. Instability probably would increase. But I want to share why so many people are asking for his resignation, also because the news are not even reaching the majority of the Mexican population.

Peña had a controversial campaign, with thousands of reported electoral irregularities . After two years in office, the violence in the country continues, and many other promises are still to be materialized.

But all this is normal Mexican politics. Previous presidents in similar situations have not met such a rejection from the national and international communities.

The straw that broke the camel's back was the dissapearance and possible murder of 43 students in the village of Ayotzinapa, in the southern state of Guerrro (Acapulco is also in that state, and was last year the 3rd most violent city in the world). The students were intecepted by the local police, there were 6 killed and 25 injured survivors. It seems that the former mayor, his wife, and the head of police were involved. They fled, were arrested a month later, but investigations are still underway.
This occurred already two months ago. The governor resigned, the president has made some declarations, but there is still huge discontent, represented in social media by the hashtag #YaMeCanse https://twitter.com/hashtag/yamecanse (IAmAlreadyTired)

On november 20th, anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, there were worldwide demonstrations. In Mexico City's main square, 11 people were arrested and have been treated as terrorists. There have been further demonstrations demanding the release of the 11 arrested.

To add insult to injury, there has been a huge scandal about a $7 million house, allegedly to the name of the president’s wife Angélica Rivera (former soap opera actress) with indicators that it was acquired with deviated public money. No investigations of course, just a video declaration which has been already used to teach how to detect when people are lying.

Perhaps the main problem is that the government, trying to control some of the media, has not made explicit declarations about what is going on. So rumors spread easily and people don't know what to believe. This lack of credibility of the Mexican government has been highlighted by major international media, while the future of the country lies in uncertainty.


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