CfP: Artificial Life, Robotics, Evolvable Hardware Track @ GECCO 2011

Call for Papers
Artificial Life, Robotics, Evolvable Hardware Track @ GECCO 2011
Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
July 12-16, Dublin, Ireland

This track promotes evolutionary computation and bio-inspired heuristics as instruments able to face engineering problems and scientific questions in different areas that include (but are not limited to): artificial life, robotics, and evolvable hardware.

Artificial life studies artificial systems (software, hardware, or chemical) with properties similar to those of living systems. There are two main complementary goals: to better understand living systems and to use this understanding to build artificial systems with properties of living systems, such as adaptability, evolvability, active perception, communication, organization.

Evolutionary computation techniques can be particularly useful for a large branch of robotics. The evolution of controllers, morphologies, sensors, and communication protocols is being used to build systems to provide robust, adaptive and scalable solutions to different problems in robotics.

Finally, the term “evolvable hardware” has been used in the past to denote both the design of electronic devices able to evolve themselves, and the generic exploitation of evolutionary techniques for creating hardware. While the first task sounds ambitious, the second is routinely applied by industries. The track will show both real and potential applications.

Important Dates:
* Submission deadline: January 26, 2011
* Notification of paper acceptance: March 23, 2011
* Camera-ready submission: April 8, 2011
* GECCO-2010 Conference: July 12-16, 2011

Submission guidelines:

Track chairs:
Carlos Gershenson
Giovanni Squillero


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