21st century food

My wife Nadya started working as a wellness coach a few months ago. I have received great benefits from her recently acquired knowledge. We already had "healthy" diets, we had "normal" weights, but it turns out that we could do much better. In few weeks, with the help of the latest "nutrition technology", we got much more energy (useful when an active toddler is jumping around...), had much better digestion, recovered the weight we had when we were teens... (I recovered the muscles I had when I swam 50Km a week, but I barely exercise: nutrition seems to be more important than physical activity for health (which is also important)). If you would like to know more about how to feel better and improve your health through nutrition, feel free to contact my wife nadya.bienestar@gmail.com

Now, why most people feed on "dark age" food, instead of receiving benefits from the latest scientific discoveries in nutrition? Well, many people simply inherit their habits from their parents. Still, it seems that average people have worse nutrition than a generation ago. The present generation is the first one in centuries predicted to have a lower longevity than its previous one. Here in Mexico, we have the first place in child obesity (If we cannot with the World Cup, at least we are first in something), and the leading causes of death are diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. All of them are complex diseases, but the main factor leading to them is an unbalanced diet. Why governments do not take action? It seems that there are many aspects behind this. One is social: people are more prone to be overweight if their peers are also overweight. Obesity has become socially acceptable. Another reason is economical: there are many interests behind the production of junk food, drinks, sweets, etc. Even when the effects of sugar are similar to those of other drugs (dependence, tolerance, gives you a high, then a low), people offer sweets to my child without any shame. There is also lack of nutritional education. And most of the education that is given, e.g. the food pyramid, is obsolete. There are many efforts being made in different fronts to improve the situation. In spite of several obstacles, I believe that the knowledge for healthier nutritions will propagate in the coming years.


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