Single World Currency?

I was wondering the other day: what would happen if there was a single currency throughout the world? Who would benefit? Who would lose? Is it a sensible idea? It seems to have been good for the Euro zone, but there are not that many disparities between the member states.

Searching a bit online, I quickly found:
So it is an interesting idea, but will it be worth the effort?


Edward Miller said…
Economic integration is one step toward the more complete integration of humanity as a single consciousness. It promotes the economic exchanges which tie us together into nonzero relationships, and helps force us to recognize our own interdependence.

Of course, this implies that economic integration will precede cultural and political integration, but hopefully in a decentralized and transparent fashion predicated on human rights.

The European Union has done a commendable job achieving much of these aims on that continent, and their fierce dedication to human rights is perhaps their most important feature. Yet, they currently have a lack of transparency and accountability, and hopefully this will be rectified by public action.
Richard Veryard said…
When asking whether a single world currency would be a better system than the one we have today, it is always necessary to add (as Carlos does) the supplementary question: Better for whom?

But I think there is a more important question: Is there any conceivable route that would get us to a sustainable world currency system from the current starting point, with its entrenched vested interests?

See my post Stumbling towards utopia

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