Can Ants Solve Traffic Jams?

I was among the researchers consulted for the production of this Slate video...


potato said…
So interesting~
BTW, I also study the traffic jam.
Dien Kwik said…
Hi Dr. Gershenson:

Very nice video which explains clearly how we can learn from ants how to solve congestion problems.

We are currently developing a traffic information system based on a similar concept in Jakarta, Indonesia, where each car tells other cars on the roads the condition on the road it's on, effectively signaling other cars to avoid jams or to choose routes that are free.

Our project was inspired by the "group intelligent" concept from the book "Prey" by Michael Crichton.

Thank you very much for the video.

I hope we can get a chance to talk to you one of these days...


Carlos said…
Hi Dien,

I checked Fire Ants and it looks very interesting. Please keep me updated with it.

I used a similar idea to regulate traffic lights, see Chapter 5 of:


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