New Aphorisms

“Sciences, not even the hardest ones, are not purely objective, nor arts are purely subjective...”

“We can access reality only through models/metaphors”

“The more you scream, the less I'll hear”

“So few intelligent people, so many wise guys...”

“Belief in an absolute truth leads to intolerance”

“Is it me, or is it the context?”

“Nature brings us closer to ourselves”

“To fool others, you need to fool yourself first, thus becoming a fool”

*“The easiest way to cope with complexity is not having it”

“A failure is not that awful if you learn something from it”

*“People fear/hate other nations only when they don't know them”

*“If only cars were fueled by road rage...”

“The first step to understand people is to accept them as they are”

“Everybody is special. You just need to observe carefully...”

You can find more aphorisms here.


Hector Zenil said…
If everybody is special, nobody is.
Carlos said…
Everybody is special in a particular context, nobody is special in all contexts, not everybody is special in a single context...

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