Facts on the Mexican elections fraud

I am translating these facts from the senderodelpeje blog, trying to spread the information internationally. I would ask anybody reading this to spread it as well, helping the ill Mexican democracy. All of these facts have been reported in the Mexican press.
  • Felipe Calderón, presidential candidate of PAN, who is attempting to steal the election supported by the current government, certain businessmen, and certain media, was a honour witness at the wedding of Luis Carlos Ugalde, head of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), in charge of the elections
  • One of the companies of Diego Zavala, brother-in-law of Calderón, porvided the software for the IFE, and gave "technical support" to the very suspicious preliminary results system (PREP) of the election
  • This same company, gave illegal access to all the data of the Mexican voters to the PAN
  • The PREP was plagued of inconsistencies favouring Calderón, such as this which erased 100 votes for López Obrador:
  • The "final" counting of the votes had a mathematically impossible behaviour, counting that votes should be added randomly to the system. This graph shows that as votes were added, a percentage for Calderón was added equal to the one reduced to López Obrador. Also other people noticed that during this counting, there was no change in the percentages of the other candidates, which is also mathematically impossible.
  • Researchers form the UNAM are suggesting to count the votes again with a different system, because that of the IFE is not trustable. This is because after analizing the data given by the IFE, it was clear that there had been a cybernetic fraud.
  • According to physicist Jorge A. López, an algorithm used by the PREP consisted in giving 1.008060294% votes to Calderón for each 1% of votes for López Obrador
  • After the preliminary results (PREP) were given, only 1% of the booths with irregularities were checked, because the PAN and IFE opposed to open the boxes to count the votes.
  • From that 1%, there were 13598 votes missing for López Obrador during the PREP. Following this tendency, 13598 * 99 = 1,346,202 missing votes in total!!! which would give an extra 3.36% in favour of López Obrador, winning comfortably the election, and fitting more reasonably the exit polls.
  • Most of the media, headed by TV giant Televisa, support the fraud trying to hide it and present López Obrador as a "violent" person, "conflictive", and almost want to blame him for the volatility of the market. You see, in Italy Berlusconi owned the media. In Mexico the media own the government. With Vicente Fox they got tax extemption, and a new law was approved giving them lots of benefits. That's why they are supporting the fraud.
  • President Vicente Fox attacks López Obrador for claiming a recount of the votes, but he did the same in 1991 where he was contending for governor of Guanajuato.
  • The IFE, who at first refused to open the electoral packages, has illegaly ordered (only the Tribunal is entitled by law to do this) the opening of 40% of them, presumably to fit more or less the votes in the boxes with the invented computer data. Why would they order to open the packages if there was no fraud? Why do they open them now and not when they should have done so in the final counting of votes? Because the IFE people involved betrayed their motherland and the incipient democracy, they sold themselves to the circles of power...
  • 60% of the booths have "mathematical inconsistencies". To have things tracked down, each booth receives a given number of voting sheets, depending on the number of people registered for that booth. When the votes are counted, they need to return the unused voting sheets. So, in 60% of the booths the number of votes reported plus the unused votes was unequal to the number of received sheets, namely taking votes from López Obrador, giving votes to Calderón.
  • Today, more than a million people marched in Mexico City, coming from all the country. This was the largest demonstration in the history of Mexico. This shows that people are ready to defend democracy legally and peacefully.
(Pictures from El Universal, more here)


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