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“Reality: always one step ahead of my most imaginative sarcasms”

“The more I travel, the more borders become artificial”

*“In science, there are no finished problems, only narrow-minded scientists”

“The fact that it has always been that way does not mean that it cannot change”

“Since I am finite, I tend to be biased towards speaking only about those things which I have experience with.”

“If I say: "I might be wrong", I cannot be wrong”

*“If you do not have the right perspective to see the rainbow, it does not imply that the rainbow is not there.”

*“One can warmonger interpreting a religious or a scientific text.
 One can peacemonger interpreting a religious or a scientific text.
 What is more important: the text or the purpose of the interpretation?”

“It is difficult to gain new knowledge without first questioning current knowledge”

“Remember that you are always setting an example. Do things as you want things to be.”

*“Context is everything”
“New ideas solve old problems and generate new ones.”

“The most comfortable role in life is that of a victim”

“Rules are efficient if they do not need enforcement. That occurs when people clearly benefit from following them.”

“Check what you can, but this does not imply that you should reject what you cannot.”

“There shouldn't be so much discussion about abortion being legal or not, the aim should be to prevent the circumstances that lead to abortions, i.e. undesired pregnancies.”

“Reason is a subset of feeling”

“The only worthwhile competition is against yourself”

*“You are not one more. You are every one.”
“If two computations occur at the same time in different parts of the universe, was information transmitted?”


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