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CfP: Artificial Life, Robotics, Evolvable Hardware Track @ GECCO 2011

Call for Papers
Artificial Life, Robotics, Evolvable Hardware Track @ GECCO 2011
Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
July 12-16, Dublin, Ireland

This track promotes evolutionary computation and bio-inspired heuristics as instruments able to face engineering problems and scientific questions in different areas that include (but are not limited to): artificial life, robotics, and evolvable hardware.

Artificial life studies artificial systems (software, hardware, or chemical) with properties similar to those of living systems. There are two main complementary goals: to better understand living systems and to use this understanding to build artificial systems with properties of living systems, such as adaptability, evolvability, active perception, communication, organization.

Evolutionary computation techniques can be particularly useful for a large branch of robotics. The evolution of controllers, morphologies, sensors, and communication proto…

CfP: Eighth International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS 2011)

Call for Papers & Workshop Proposals

Eighth International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS 2011)

June 26 - July 1, 2011
Boston Marriott, Quincy, MA, USA

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Host: New England Complex Systems Institute (

This is the eighth in a series of conferences with two major aims:
first, to investigate those properties or characteristics that appear
to be common to the very different complex systems now under
study; and second, to encourage cross fertilization among the
many disciplines involved.

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Sessions will be structured around both themes and systems.
The themes are:

EMERGENCE: The relationship of component to collective
behavior; the relationship of internal structure to external
influence; multiscale structure and dynamics; self-similarity and

COMPLEXITY & INFORMATION: Defining complexity;
characterizing the information nece…