The Laws of Information

1. Law of Information Transformation. Information will potentially be transformed by interacting with other information.
2. Law of Information PropagationInformation propagates as fast as possible. 
3. Law of Requisite Complexity. More complex information will require more complex agents to perceive, act on, and propagate it.
4. Law of Information CriticalityTransforming and propagating information will tend to a critical balance be- tween its stability and its variability.
5. Law of Information OrganizationInformation produces constraints that regulate information production. 
6. Law of Information Self-organizationInformation tends to its preferred, most probable state. 
7. Law of Information PotentialityAn agent can give different potential meanings to information. 
8. Law of Information PerceptionThe meaning of information is unique for an agent perceiving it in unique, always changing open contexts.

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