Recursive Yin Yang 4

Recursive Yin Yang 4 by ~hawmkoonstormbringer on deviantART

The basic construction of a yin-yang symbol is to take a circle and two circles of half the radius, sitting along one axis. I used this substitution recursively with a 90 deg. rotation: For the smaller circles, add two more circles of half their radius (one fourth of the original circle). Continue substituting, and you end up with this figure. The interesting thing is that not only the surfaces are fractal, but also the line separating the two colors.

The figure can carry several messages, apart from those of yin yang: e.g. there is also struggle, balance, and interaction at different scales.

This work is dedicated to our friend and compadre Dr. Igor Lugo, who recently defended his PhD.


Paul made this cool animation independently.
See also source code.
Slackluster said…
That is pretty amazing stuff! I recently made a recursive yin yang screensaver along the same lines. Theres a video and download at

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