On Intelligent Design

Among the reactions to my recent paper "The World as Evolving Information", a note on it was posted on the Uncommon Descent blog, which promotes Intelligent Design (ID). Supporters of ID believe that the materialistic worldview has "corrupted" the sciences, and saw my paper as an alternative to their cause.

However, as any scientist, I am a strong opponent of ID, since it is not a scientific theory. I have never seen any evidence for it (no, handwaving does not count as evidence), whereas there is plenty of evidence for natural selection.

Moreover, my paper tries to extend the Darwinian concepts of natural selection and random variation to a broader domain.

Thus, if you see any interpretation of my paper in an ID context, it does not represent my ideas. Nazis made an interpretation of Darwin that I am sure he would have disapproved...

Note also that my ideas are not incompatible with religions. I am an atheist, but I respect other people's beliefs. My opposition to ID is due to its failed scientific pretensions.


Unknown said…

The dishonesty of the Paleyists continues apace. I posted an update at Clever Beyond Measure.
BTW, I'm glad to hear that your PhD defense went well.

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