More on the Mexican Elections fraud

More dirt has come to the light in the last few days, giving more proofs of the huge fraud. The PRD, party of López Obrador, claimed a recount of 48,000 booths (of a total 130,000 in the country), because these had inconsistencies or irregularities in the "preliminary" results compared with the exit polls they made. The Federal Electoral Institute (which director was promoted by the leader of the national teacher's union, with her own party now, but clearly supporting the current government. btw, she was involved in the murder of a competing leader of the teacher's union), for the "final" count, did not change much of the preliminary results, and only checked 2000 booths, and opening only 800 electoral packages. They also included some votes that had "gone missing" in the preliminary results (which gave López Obrador a gain in more than 200,000 votes), so it seems that they fiddled with the votes of other districts to keep the advantage of Calderón. The nice thing is that it seems that this happened without opening those packages... One proof of that was in the state of Jalisco, where there were several booths with annex booths, so that they shared the same number. In these there were footprints of the digital fraud: booth 2876 and its three annex booths have 264 votes for Calderón each. Booth 893 and its 3 annexes, 179 each. And 3177 with its annex, 274 each. Now, this is mathematically impossible, so it shows that there was an algorithm massaging the numbers received from the booths. Another proof was seen with some of the packages that were opened, the preliminary results simply took one vote from López Obrador and gave it to Calderón. If you extrapolate to all the booths, that's 260,000 votes out of the air, which is more than the "official" advantage of Calderón. Certainly, not all the booths need to be altered, and most of the fraudulent ones are those where there were few people observing them.

Another indicator that something is fishy is that the government, the PAN, and Calderón, are extremely reluctant to count the votes one by one (the army is now guarding the electoral packages). As Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas wrote: if they have nothing to hide, why don't they want to recount the votes, to give the election real credibility? Their refusal fuels the common belief that the fraud was cooked...

Certainly, López Obrador will demand a recount to the Federal Electoral Tribunal and to the Supreme Court of Justice. Yesteray between 150,000 and 240,000 people met at the Zócalo in Mexico City for an "Informative Assembly" (see picture above, by José Carlo González of La Jornada). There will be a National March starting next Wednesday, from all the country, culminating next Sunday on Mexico City, to defend democracy and our right to vote.

El pueblo no se deja, el pueblo no se apendeja...

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